My “Big Idea” will revolve around a mythical landscape, and will include in it an artist who has died (Jimi Hendrix) and entered this new, surreal world.  It is to be a homage to the artist, and will be influenced by 60’s psychedelic art. The main visual strategy I used were bright, flowing light effects which draw attention to different parts of the artwork. The artwork gives a spiritual feeling, highlighted by the blending and lights. I suppose this piece of art could be used as part of a Hendrix tribute. Being a musician, Hendrix definetely influenced the artwork, along with the fantastical artworks that we normally think of when we think of 60’s art. I was also very inspired by the visual strategies of artist Peter Jaworowski (See Last Post). The main Photoshop technique that helped me with the project was trying out various blending modes on duplicated layers, and then overlaying them on each other.