Peter Jaworowski

Peter Jaworowski is a well-known artist of photoshop who does commercial advertising as personal pieces of art. His work is appealing to me in that seems very expansive and draws a lot of attention to different parts of the artwork. I am interested to learn how he achieves the flowing effect in the first artwork, as it seems difficult to achieve by computer. His work looks like a combination between computer and handwork. They achieve a sense of scope that is aesthetically pleasing. Clearly, businesses have taken a liking to Jaworowski’s style and find it appropriate for their marketing campaigns (I find that to be pretty inspiring). I would like to emulate the flowing, fractal-like parts of his art.


Jerico Santander

Jerico Santander is a computer artist who likes to combine elements of the natural world and the modern technological world into his artpieces. It forms the basis of his “big idea”. His works are strange and surreal but invite us to think about its subject matter. I would like to try to emulate his ability to use layers and blending modes to create coherent pieces of art (i.e. not “collage”-like). His work has substance from both an aesthetic standpoint and a “meaning” standpoint. I like his work because it’s smooth, mentality stimulating, and has deep value.